CheatFighter to Appear in RAID'23

My coauthors and I will be presenting the paper "Extracting Threat Intelligence From Cheat Binaries For Anti-Cheating" at RAID 2023 in October. Below is a preview of the abstract:

Rampant cheating remains a serious concern for game developers who fear losing loyal customers and revenue. While numerous anti-cheating techniques have been proposed, cheating persists in a vibrant (and profitable) illicit market. Inspired by novel insights into the economics behind cheat development and recent techniques for defending against advanced persistent threats (APTs), we propose a fully automated methodology for extracting "cheat intelligence" from widely distributed cheat binaries to produce a "memory access graph" that guides selective data randomization to yield immune game clients. We have implemented a prototype system for Android and Windows games, CheatFighter, and evaluated it on 86 cheats collected from a variety of real-world sources, including Telegram channels and online forums. CheatFighter successfully counteracts 80 of the real-world cheats in under a minute, demonstrating practical end-to-end protection against widespread cheating.