ARCUS System and Dataset Released

We have released the source code and evaluation dataset for "ARCUS: Symbolic Root Cause Analysis of Exploits in Production Systems," which will be appearing at USENIX Security 2021 in August, 2021. The paper will be ready for publication in about a month.

"Justitia" Biometric Privacy to Appear in ASIACCS'21

My coauthors and I will be presenting the paper "Cryptographic Key Derivation from Biometric Inferences for Remote Authentication" at Asia CCS 2021 in June of next year. Below is a preview of the abstract: Biometric authentication is getting increasingly popular because of its appealing usability and improvements in biometric sensors …

"Bot2Stock" to Appear in ACSAC'20

My coauthors and I will be presenting a paper "On the Feasibility of Automating Stock Market Manipulation" at ACSAC 2020 in December. Below is a preview of the abstract: This work presents the first findings on the feasibility of using botnets to automate stock market manipulation. Our analysis incorporates data …

  • Thu 18 June 2020
  • Misc

H&R Block App Analytics for 2020

Two years ago I started a series about using the analytics publicly released by the USA government to gleam some information about H&R Block's mobile apps. I'm a few months late this year, but it's time to update the numbers for the 2020 tax year. The 2019 numbers are …

Fuzzers Suck: New 0-Day Shows We Need To Do Better

Fuzz testing (more commonly known as "fuzzing") has become a predominate technique for bug hunting because it's easy to deploy and yields results. Academic security research is now flooded with papers on the topic — USENIX Security alone accepted 7 papers in the 2020 Fall submission cycle — many of which propose …

New CVE Published (CVE-2020-9549)

CVE-2020-9549 has been assigned for a vulnerability I found in Pdfresurrect. The details are available here. This issue is currently being patched.

New PoC Published to Exploit-DB (EDB-ID-47254)

I published a PoC for a new vulnerability in abc2mtex version 1.6.1. This was discovered while testing an analysis framework I'm developing with my peers at Georgia Tech. The vulnerability is due to an unsafe strcpy that allows an attacker to overwrite a return address and achieve arbitrary …