Carter Yagemann

I'm a computer scientist and cybersecurity researcher. My interests include hacking, system design, and software engineering.


Barnum - An offline control flow attack detection system that applies deep learning on hardware execution traces to model a program's behavior and detect control flow anomalies.

uCFI - The source code for the paper Enforcing Unique Code Target Property for Control-Flow Integrity.

ISTC-ARSA - Research in collaboration with Intel into the security and vulnerabilities of machine learning. This project aims to develop new security approaches to improve the resilience of machine learning applications including security analytics, search engines, customized news feeds, facial and voice recognition, fraud detection, and more.

Intentio Ex Machina - An open source project to improve the security of Android by replacing the intent firewall with a hook that can connect to normal apps to perform access control. This project also includes the Android Intent Analysis Tools for logging and inspecting intents.

Shellshock Educational Material - Videos, presentation slides, example labs, and in-depth research into bash and particularly the shellshock vulnerability discovered in bash.

Android Intent Firewall Documentation - Documentation on how Android's intent firewall works and how to configure it.

BeerText - A searchable brewery database available as a text messaging service. Used by over 35,000 users!