• Principal Investigator. Support for MonT: An iPT like instruction and data streams and monitoring for general CPU. Georgia Institute of Technology. October 2022 – June 2024.

  • Principal Investigator. DARPA SSITH support. Lockheed Martin Corporation. September 2022 – September 2023.

  • Principal Investigator. With Zhiqiang Lin, Ted Allen, and Aylin Yener (Co-PIs). HAVARO: Hardware-Assisted Vulnerability Analysis and Resilience Optimization. NSA NCAE-C. September 2022 – September 2024.

  • Senior Personnel. With Brendan Saltaformaggio (PI) and Wenke Lee, Taesoo Kim, Alessandro Orso, Qirun Zhang, Yisroel Mirsky, Martin Osterloh, Jason Li, Michael Brown, Sukarno Mertoguno, Kevin Hamlen, Nicholas Evancich (Co-PIs). Proof-driven Refinement of Infrastructure Software Modules. DARPA V-SPELLS. July 2021 – July 2025.

  • Senior Personnel. With Wenke Lee (PI) and Sukarno Mertoguno, Clayton Kerce (Co-PIs). HECTOR: Halting Emergent Computation Through Oracle Reinforcement. DARPA AIE AIMEE. October 2019 – July 2021.

  • Senior Personnel. With Wenke Lee (PI) and Polo Chau, Taesoo Kim, Le Song (Co-PIs). Intel Science & Technology Center for Adversary-Resilient Security Analytics. Intel. July 2017 – July 2020.